About Us

The Queer Shorts Showcase Festival is Botswana’s first, and only, short theatre production festival focused on presenting original works dealing with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) themes through various theatrical genres. 

The festival aims to promote the use of performance art as a medium for education, activism and advocacy for LGBTQIA+ rights within Botswana, and to share art from Botswana with the world. We welcome contributions from writers, directors and performers of diverse backgrounds in order to foster a truly inclusive environment. Community dialogue is an integral part of the mission of the festival, and each installment of the festival features a facilitated conversation to engage audiences in unpacking the works showcased. 

The festival, managed by Kat Kai Kol-Kes International, was founded by Katlego K Kolanyane-Kesupile in 2014 and premiered on May 17, 2014. 

AIM: To harness the rich tradition of storytellingin Botswana and encourage the growth of art-based human rights activism, and develop a rich archive of LGBT-themed theatre work from Botswana.

ETHOS: To employ compassion in attaining social justice for LGBTQIA+ people of Botswana.

MOTTO: Build Hearts | Open Minds 

LOGO: The festival logo represents freedom of expression. The logo features an interpretation of an open-armed dancer, and a quill - speaking back to literary heritage - bearing the colours of the Botswana flag and the Rainbow flag.