Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Bokamoso Bracelets: Tomorrow’s Change Today.

Inspired by the efforts and support of a young Motswana boy, Tshimo, Queer Shorts Showcase Festival organizer, Kat Kai Kol-Kes, has launched the "Bokamoso Bracelets" campaign. The 50 bracelet limited edition debut collection will be made to support LGBTI Visibility and Youth in Botswana. “This collaboration is a symbol of how educating our youth helps them free themselves” says Kol-Kes, “Tshimo is already a great LGBTI ally at the age of 9, and he will be making each bracelet. We’re excited to support his business.”

The official branding "Bokamo50" is inspired by Botswana’s upcoming 50th Independence, with the name being inspired by the 2015 IDAHOT theme focusing on LGBT Youth. “Bokamoso, which means Future in Setswana, is hoped to inspire our allies to wear their support and hope, quite literally, on a sleeve” says Kol-Kes. The bracelets will each go for P35 ($3.53) each and will be on sale starting 8 May 2015. PRE-ORDER via

Queer Shorts Showcase 2015 Poster